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Subsidiary Bodies of the Energy Charter Conference

The Energy Charter Conference has created various subsidiary bodies, which report to the Conference and deal with particular issues in greater detail.

Strategy Group

Chair: Vacant position

Vice-Chair: Ms. Carmen Sofia Sanz Estébanez (Spain)

The Energy Charter Conference at its meeting on 9 December 2009 in Rome decided to establish the Energy Charter Strategy Group as a standing group. Among the key subjects of discussion will be the role of the Energy Charter Process in the global context, its added value for addressing common challenges as well as the possible enlargement of its constituency.

Investment Group

Chair: Mr. Parviz Garibzade (Azerbaijan)

Vice-Chair: Mr. Tomáš Pavlík (Czech Republic)

The binding rules contained in the Energy Charter Treaty can play a significant and positive role in mitigating risks. This is because they provide investors with the possibility to protect their rights by taking the host government to international arbitration. Since the Treaty came into force in 1998, several investor-state disputes have already been addressed under the Treaty and successfully resolved, either by amicable settlement or by an arbitral award.

Trade & Transit Group

Chair: Dr. Klara Rakhmetova (Kazakhstan)

Vice-Chair: Mr. Bno-Airiian Mykhailo (Ukraine)

Vice-Chair: Ms. Tamar Tsurtsumia (Georgia)

A distinctive feature of the Energy Charter Treaty is that it provides a set of rules that covers the entire energy chain, including not only investments in production and generation but also the terms under which energy can be traded and transported across various national jurisdictions to international markets.

Energy Efficiency Group

Chair: Mr. Sergey Katyshev (Kazakhstan)

Vice-Chair: Mr. Johan Vetlesen (Norway)

The Energy Charter Protocol on Energy Efficiency and Related Environmental Aspects (PEEREA) was negotiated, opened for signature and entered into force at the same time (16 April 1998) as the Energy Charter Treaty. Building on the provisions of the Treaty, PEEREA requires its participating states to formulate clear policy aims for improving energy efficiency and reducing the energy cycle's negative environmental impact.

Budget Committee

Chair: Vacant position

Vice-Chair: Mr. Wataru Takahama (Japan)

The functions and duties of the Budget Committee shall be, in general, to advise the Conference as necessary on questions relating to the financial administration of the Secretariat, and to carry out the tasks allotted to it in the Financial Regulations.

Working Group on Procedural Issues

Chair: Mr. Quentin Perret (France)

Vice-Chair: Mr. Dmitry Nikolaenya (Belarus)

The Energy Charter Conference approved in November 2014, during its Statutory Session the establishment of a Working Group on Procedural Issues to prepare and propose a revised and updated version of the Rules of Procedure for the Energy Charter Conference.