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In addition to the publications available below, the Energy Charter Secretariat also produces Occasional Papers on a variety of Eurasian energy topics. Please follow the link to consult these papers, which are all available to download as .pdf files.
Occasional Papers produced by research fellows of the Energy Charter Secretariat's Knowledge Centre can be found here.
The contents of these occasional papers are the authors' sole responsibility. They do not necessarily represent the views of the Energy Charter Secretariat or any members of the Energy Charter Treaty.


Taxation of Foreign Investments       Share Facebook
(2015) This work by Energy Charter research fellow Mr. Erman Ozgur discusses the relation between investment protection and taxation under international investment agreements.

Power Sector Reform in Central Asia       Share Facebook
(2015) The report focuses on the modernisation of the electricity infrastructure in Central Asia, in particular energy efficiency improvements and clean energy development.

Investment in Latvia       Share Facebook
(2015) This report was prepared by the Ministry of Economics of Latvia in close cooperation with the Energy Charter Secretariat.

Investment in Armenia       Share Facebook
(2015) This report was prepared by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Armenia in close cooperation with the Energy Charter Secretariat.

Energy Transit Activities       Share Facebook
(2015) This report was prepared by Dr. Rafael Leal-Arcas as a research fellow at the Energy Charter Secretariat’s Knowledge Centre.

Ashgabat Forum Report       Share Facebook
(2015) The report on the Ashgabat Energy Charter Forum held on 8-9 December 2014 has been published.

International Energy Security       Share Facebook
(2015) This report was prepared in the context of International Energy Charter negotiations.

Annual Report 2014       Share Facebook
This report gives an overview of the 2014 activities of the Secretariat and the organisation in general.

IAP Insights 2014       Share Facebook
(2015) This annual publication gives an overview of the Industry Advisory Panel's activities.

China and the Energy Charter Treaty       Share Facebook
(2015) This report was prepared by Mr. Zhuwei WANG, secondee from the National Energy Administration of China, in close cooperation with Energy Charter Secretariat experts.